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Average rating for Plumb Magic is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 10 reviews
Plumbing in Columbia, MO
Great residential plumbing services. I recommend Plumb Magic for any plumbing problems you might encounter. They're the best!
Jack K. - Columbia, MO 65202
Bathroom Repair in Columbia, MO
I used Plumb Magic for a busted pipe in my bathroom. Water was running down the stairs in my house. I called Plumb Magic and they came right out to fix it!
Stan L. - Columbia, MO 65212
Plumbing in Ashland, MO
Plumb Magic is easily the best plumbing company I ever used. They were hard working, honest and got the job done quickly.
Chris C. - Ashland, MO 65010
Plumbing in Sedalia, MO
Excellent customer service. Give them a call and get a quick response. Easily one of the best plumbing services I've ever used.
Tori A. - Sedalia, MO 65301
Plumbing in Sedalia, MO
In general, I find plumbers difficult to deal with. The guys at Plumb Magic though are nice, professional, fast, and affordable. I was able to explain my situation without knowing all the right lingo and they knew exactly what I was talking about and were able to easily fix the problem. I've never encountered plumbers like that before.
Alan M. - Sedalia, MO 65302
Plumbing in Kingdom City, MO
I called two other plumbing companies to have them come look at my boiler because it was broken. They were late and rescheduled so many times that I had to call someone else. Plumb Magic's plumber was on-time and got my boiler up and running real fast!
Tracy C. - Kingdom City, MO 65262
Toilet Repair in Fulton, MO
Plumb Magic's estimate was dead on. They were able to fix my leaky toilet and even showed up on time, which surprised me more than anything.
Julie R. - Fulton, MO 65251
Water Heater Repair in Mokane, MO
Great plumbing service. They repaired my heater in under an hour and were extremely nice and friendly. They even gave me advice on how to keep my heater clean in the future.
Meghan F. - Mokane, MO 65059
Plumbing in Columbia, MO
For years, I called a different local plumber that I was generally unhappy with because I didn't know there was anything better out there. My neighbor suggested Plumb Magic and I was surprised to find plumbers willing to answer my questions and make sure I understand the cause of problems and the solutions to them. I'll never call another plumber.
Dave P. - Columbia, MO 65216
Plumbing in Columbia, MO
I own a home in Columbia and have used a number of plumbing companies over the years before I found Plumb Magic. Some were OK, but you guys are far and away the best. You guys will always get my business.
Bob K. - Columbia, MO 65201