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Drain Cleaning

If you are living in a more modern house, it's likely that you don't usually think a lot about drain cleaning or or about the maintenance of your entire plumbing system. A lot of people however, are living in older houses which are more prone to sewer clogs, blockages and breaks or cracks, and will at some point require professional help in fixing them. Give Plumb Magic a call today and have our professional plumber take a look at your problems. View our service area for sewer and drain cleaning in surrounding areas of Jefferson City & Columbia, MO.


Unclogging Drains

Sewer cleaning, unlike the job of unclogging drains which are smaller in size, is a task which you generally need to contact a professional for help with. Although a basic drain snake auger or plunger is usually enough to unclog a sink, toilet or tub, the primary sewer line in your house demands more heavy duty gear.

The primary culprit in many clogged sewer drains is oil which accumulates on the pipes because of years of build up. In more aged homes, your sewer pipes might have sludge and debris through the entire length of the span. This means that everything from mold to algae and tree roots may be built-up in your pipes. This stuff is not going away without really cleaning out your drain pipes. Our professional plumbing company will provide you with superb services which will get rid of any build-ups in your system. We can use a camera system to examine your drain both before and after the cleaning services are performed to make sure all clogs have been removed.

Drain Rooter Services

Our high-pressure flushing and rooter services from our drain rooting company is the greatest way to clear away clogs out of your home sewer and get your pipes running like brand new once again! If performed correctly, you should not have to clean your sewer drain again for quite some time.

Remember, however, that you continue to do harm to your drain pipes any time you put food down your kitchen sink drain. Even when you use a garbage disposal, food products result in built-up grease on your pipes, and you ought to steer clear of putting them down the sink whenever possible. Above all, however, you shouldn't dump liquid oil down the sink from a frying pan or fryer.

Please contact Plumb Magic toll free at 1-888-875-7553. We look forward to hearing from you soon! We offer 24 hour emergency drain and sewer cleaning services when necessary.