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Water Softener Installation

A lot of homeowners choose to have water softener installation done by the professionals from Plumb Magic so that they can have pure water. Water which isn't purified in a water softener often has minerals like calcium and magnesium which causes your water to be "hard." If you don't have a water softener, you may be wondering what this hardness has to do with anything. The "harder" your water is, the worse it can be on your pipes. Hard water can cause a lot of serious damage to the plumbing lines in your home. Also, this water can destroy home appliances. Serving surrounding areas of Jefferson City & Columbia, MO.

Water Softener Salts

New Water Softeners

Our water softener installers know how important it is to install this system inside the home in a dry place that has consistent temperatures. These elements are important for the optimal performance of your device. We will also be sure to set the water softener up close to a drain because it will need to be connected later on in the installation process. Once the system is in place, we will connect the softener to the brine tank and to the ground drain. We will test the device to make sure that it's working properly.

Our plumbing company has been putting in these devices in homes all over the area for many years now and we guarantee that you and your family will be pleased with our services.

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