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Water Cooler Installation

Water cooler systems have long been used in office settings all over the Jefferson City & Columbia, MO area. They provide a healthy alternative to sipping on sugary soda, juices, and other drinks which may not be all that great for you. Plumb Magic offers affordable water cooler installation and replacement services for residential and commercial locations in the region.

Commercial Water Cooler

Office Water Coolers

Office water coolers will enable you to provide your employees with the regular drinks that they will need in order to avoid dehydration. Many people take pleasure in the rejuvenating taste of ice-cold water. So, a water cooler addition is sure to be a success in the office, no matter what your staff's personal taste preferences might be. We guarantee that it will be a hit!

We offer a variety of office water cooler systems for you to pick from, including free-standing models. We want to ensure you that we have a model to fit your space requirements as well as your spending budget.

Benefits of Commercial Water Coolers

The following are benefits to having a commercial water cooler:

  • Workers stay hydrated
  • Prevents workers from having to leave the office to get a beverage
  • Healthy alternative to soda and other sugary drinks
  • Tasty and refreshing!

Benefits of Residential Water Coolers

The following are benefits to having a residential water cooler:

  • Provide a healthy alternative to sugary drinks for your family
  • Helps your family stay healthy and hydrated
  • Can be used easily when preparing meals and you're in need of water for a recipe
  • Will save you money and time since you won't need to go to the store
    to buy juice, soda, coffee, and tea

If you are interested in having a water cooler for your home or office, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have.