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Septic Tank Installation

This work can be done fairly quickly by the experts at Plumb Magic and we are familiar with the codes, regulations, and zoning ordinances in your area to make sure that the system is set up correctly. The EPA has put many different guidelines in place, as well, that must be followed closely by anyone who is installing, replacing, or repairing a residential or commercial septic system. When we follow these particular rules and guidelines, it helps us to ensure that you are being provided with a worry-free system which will last for many years to come at your location. Serving surrounding areas of Jefferson City & Columbia, MO.

Septic Installation

Our installation professionals realize that installing these types of complex systems is not a do-it-yourself project. With so many rules, laws, and guidelines to adhere to, it is best to leave the installation work to the professionals who have been taking care of these set ups for many years. Also, doing this work on your own could be very dangerous. When installing a septic tank system, you may be dealing with dangerous sewer gases which could escape and cause problems for the entire neighborhood. Also, you likely don't know how to properly install the system to the correct depth. When not installed correctly, you will be facing a lot of repair fees in the not-to-distant future. It's best to leave this work to Plumb Magic so you can rest easy at night!

Septic Tank Replacement

A lot of homeowners want to know how they can tell when it's time to consider a replacement tank rather than trying to get the old one repaired. If you have a drainfield that has failed, it will be time to think about getting a new unit. Also, if the unit is old and inefficient, it will be time to get a new system.

Please contact our septic tank installation company if your home is in need of a new system, or if you are building a home and need a system installed for the very first time. We are pleased to provide the central Missouri area with reliable services which are cost-effective. We will also work with your schedule to provide you with a convenient installation time.